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Current Course Offerings

The Estate Check Up:

9 Sessions - One Hour Each - Meets every other Monday 

Every opportunity to interact with and support an estate attorney on a client issue represents an opportunity to increase your credibility and referability for attorneys and clients alike. This program is designed to help financial advisors understand the two impediments of gaining referrals from estate attorneys and the seven points of collaboration which create a substantial value proposition to work together at a whole new level.

Dive into 9 training sessions covering 7 lucrative programs. Acquire valuable collateral for seamless
collaborating with estate attorneys and non-profits. This program presents a systematic approach
dedicated to enhancing the overall outcome of clients’ estates.

Our 7-Point Program will help prepare you for almost every possibility: 

1. Attorney-Advisor Client Meetings

2. Speaking Engagements 

3. Estate Settlement Assistance

4. The In-Service Ledger Review

5. The Trust Funding Review 

6. Family Meetings

7. Collaborating with Non-Profits 

Collaborative Tax Planning: 

7 Sessions - One Hour Each - Meets every other Thursday

This course series will increase business and client acquisition opportunities, deepen your
knowledge of tax strategies, and increase the tools you have on hand for tax management and
collaborating with preparers. Clients have a vague awareness of their tax situation and the specific opportunities available to impact their 1040, 1065 or 1120s. Here’s how you can partner with your client’s tax advisor to improve the client experience and gain new high-value referrals.​

- Checklists for tax return review and tax planning opportunities 

- Actual case studies 

- Tax strategy lists for 1040, 1065 and 1120s 

- Sample action plans

- Compliances friendly economic models

- IRS estimated tax calculator 

The Estate Check Up 

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